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Hydrofrask [Shave Ice Collection] restocked


The hot summer is just around the corner. It’s hot in Hawaii, but in summer, hydration is very important.

The hydrofrask Shave Ice Collection, which was very popular and missing, has been restocked at LeaLea Market Originals! This hydrofrasque (water bottle) for local use in Hawaii is excellent for 12 hours of heat retention and 24 hours of cooling. Beautiful gradient design reminiscent of Hawaiian rainbow, shave ice and coconut is cute. It is a bottle without a doubt that it becomes mat of the attention only by carrying it around.

You can choose from all three colors (left photo) coconut rainbow (photo) Hawaiian Rainbow (photo right) and Keiki Rainbow. The size is 24 ounces (709ml) of 24 ounces (709ml) $39.95 and a larger 32 oz (946ml) for $44.95.

We look forward to seeing you there.