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【New! Limited Quantity】Aloha Monster Items

Everybody knows the famous photography spot is Kakaako Wall Art District. It’s Aloha Monsters created by Kevin Lyons. Now, these Aloha Monsters become stickers and memo pads with limited quantities!

Only LeaLea Market can ship these items to Japan!

Stickers are laminated well, so you can use them for Hydroflasks, suitscases, laptops, and more. 3 stickers set for $10, and 6 stickers set for $18.

Notepads are available in medium and small sizes, $ 7 and $ 10 respectively. Both are compact so they fit perfectly in an even women’s handbag.

We also have matching beach sandals. These are LeaLea exclusive with only limited inventory left. Why don’t you feel Hawaii with pop aloha monster goods? !

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