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Dry Bags now on sale!

We are now on sale for our Hawaii exclusive dry bags! Dry bags are made for waterproof, and suitable for the beaches, pools, and any outdoor activities, such as hiking. These are also good as a gym bags or survival/disaster prevention bags.

2L sizes, we can put purse, cell phones, keys, and any small necessities.

5L and 10L sizes come with the straps, so that we can use them as a shoulder bags, and put large items, such as beach towels, swimming suits, and clothes.

The regular price of 2L size dry bag is $12, but if you purchase 5 of them, they are $6 each, which is 50% off!!

5L size dry bag is usually $16, but 3 for $30 now, and 10L sizes are 3 for $40 (regular price $20/bag)

Don’t miss this amazing final summer sale!

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