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【LeaLea Exclusive】Aloha Dry Bag Bundle Deals!

Now that summer is here, you can get more of our Aloha Dry Bags for less! You can get three 10L bags for $40, and three 20L bags for $60. The regular price for our 10L dry bag is $20, so if you buy 3 through our bundle deal, you’ll save $20! And the regular price for our 20L dry bag is $29, so if you get the bundle deal, you will save $27!

The 10L dry bag comes with 1 adjustable strap to wear over the shoulder. The 20L dry bag includes 2 shoulder straps to carry as a backpack.

Not only are dry bags useful for storing a change of clothes and your beach towels, they’re also great for packing emergency kits for your household, which you can quickly grab on your way out.

For our 10L Dry Bag Bundle Deal, you can select 3 out of these colors: Purple, Orange, Green, and Yellow.

For our 20L Dry Bag Bundle Deal, you can choose 3 out of these colors: Blue, Black, Gray, and White.

How about getting matching dry bags for family and friends, plus for couples!