【Tradition Coffee Roasters】Aloha Blend (Whole Beans)


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After 21 years as a firefighter in New York, Brian retired and started a coffee roaster business in Hawaii. He worked in many firehouses, yet each tour started with a cup of coffee in the kitchen with his coworkers. His fond memories of those moments inspire his to roast delicious coffee!

The Aloha Blend from Tradition Coffee Roasters is fresh and easy to drink.

This premium blend consists of Kau coffee, with some Central and South American coffees. While each coffee bean is delicious on its own, combining various types of beans result in a perfect balance of flavors, for an even more delicious cup of coffee! The overall taste is reminiscent of Hawaii’s fresh ocean air and sunshine due to its mellow smoothness with hints of brown sugar, key lime pie, and macadamia nut. Get your morning started with the Aloha Blend!

12 ounces = 340g

Whole Bean type.

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Weight 600 g (21.16 oz)