【Gifu Specialty】Miso Senbei


These miso senbeis are made by the company, Inohiro, a senbei shop in Hida Furukawa, Gifu, established in 1908.

Topped with home-made miso, their senbeis are fragrant and lightly sweet. Additive- Free.

Don’t forget to check out their Raw Ginger Miso Senbei!

Each bag is a pack of 8, with each packages containing 2 senbeis.



Several new senbei products, from various regions in Japan, are now in stock at our LeaLea Market Online Store!

If you’ve been missing Japan lately, these unique and delicious Japanese snacks are finally available to you!

Additional information

Weight 168 g (5.93 oz)
Dimensions 33.02 × 16.51 × 2.54 cm

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