【Kau Coffee Mill】100% Kau Coffee (Whole Beans) Natural Dark Roast


It is called Kau coffee from coffee grown on a farm in the Kau district of The Big Island of Hawaii.

In general, Kau coffee is said to have a more moderate and fruity taste than Kona coffee.

Kau Coffee Mill is a farm that specializes in Kau coffee, and farm tours are also held free of charge. (Currently temporarily closed)

This natural dark roast is the most popular product. It has a rich taste.

It is a coffee that won a prize at the Hawaii Coffee Association.

In addition to not only Japan unreleveled, LeaLea Market is also available on Oahu.

Bean type with 226g

Additional information

Weight 300 g (10.58 oz)
Dimensions 8 × 23 cm

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