【Coffee Bundles!】【Kau Coffee Mill】100% Kau Coffee Variety Pack (Whole Beans)


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Kau coffee grows on a farm in the Kau district on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Generally, Kau coffee is said to have a more moderate and fruity taste than Kona coffee.

Kau Coffee Mill is a farm specializing in Kau coffee, and their farm tours are available for free.

Now, you can get a set of 3 coffee bean bags(each weighing 227g) , which includes the 100% Kau Peaberry Medium Roast(reg. price $32.00), the 100% Kau Washed Medium Roast(reg. price $24.00), and the 100% Kau Honey Italiano Coffee(reg. price $30.00), for $76.00($10 off of $86.00)!

On Oahu, their Kau Coffee is only available at LeaLea Market.

Whole Beans (226g) x 3.

Additional information

Weight 900 g (31.75 oz)
Dimensions 8 × 23 cm

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