【Kau Coffee Mill】100% Kau Coffee Peaberry Medium Roast (Whole Beans)


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Kau coffee grows on a farm in the Kau district on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Generally, Kau coffee is said to have a more moderate and fruity taste than Kona coffee.

Kau Coffee Mill is a farm specializing in Kau coffee, and their farm tours are available for free.

Peaberry is a naturally occurring but rare coffee bean mutation. Its coffee cherry contains just 1 coffee bean (instead of the usual 2), and makes up 5% of coffee beans in a harvest.

Peaberry coffee is sweeter, a little more acidic, with a syrupy mouth feel.

On Oahu, their award winning coffee is only available at LeaLea Market.

Whole Beans (226g).

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