【Kyoto】Beginner Matcha Utensils Set (Matcha Tea Bowl & Tea Brush & Special Bag)


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This is a spring matcha trial set from the long-established “Gion Tsujiri” in Kyoto.

This set is recommended for those who want to make matcha but have a hard time arranging tools.
The set includes the “matcha bowl” and “chasen (brush)” necessary for making matcha, as well as a handbag that is convenient to carry.
The mini matcha bowl has a seasonal cherry blossom pattern.
If you carry it in a cherry blossom-patterned drawstring bag, you can easily enjoy matcha on the go, so it’s perfect for the upcoming cherry blossom viewing season. You can enjoy matcha while enjoying the cherry blossoms.

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Weight 500 g (17.64 oz)