【LeaLea Exclusive】20L Aloha Dry Bag


Made out of PVC material, these dry bags are splash-proof. Making them convenient for beach days, camps, or other outdoor activities. They are very useful as bags for emergency kits as well.

The 20L size is ideal for packing your daily essentials, like your phone and wallet, plus any items you need for your outings. Outdoor essentials, drinks, towels, etc. Because of its material, your items will be protected from any splashes while out and about.

These bags become very compact once emptied and folded.

We’ve heard of campers and glampers using dry bags as their on the go washing machine?!

You can choose from 4 colors, and it includes 2 straps so you can wear it as a backpack.

Designed by LeaLea Originals and only available in Hawaii!

Practical and perfect for souvenirs.

We also carry 2L and 10L sizes

22 inch x 15 inch x 9 inch.


Additional information

Weight 400 g (14.11 oz)
Dimensions 22 × 37 × 55 cm

Pastel Green, White, Camo, Blue