【New LeaLea Limited Educational Picture Book】Activity Book ~My Little Adventure~


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As a travel agency HIS Hawaii/LeaLea, we collaborated with Kapolei High School, the first local high school in Hawaii, to complete the educational picture book “My Little Adventure” for children.

The art of the picture book is mainly done by the students of the art club of Kapolei High School.

It is a 32-page educational picture book (English), which shows the names and places of Hawaiian beaches and the art of sea creatures in an easy-to-understand manner in Hawaiian and English, and is a picture book that children can enjoy learning while associating with Hawaii, such as coloring books, finding mistakes, and word puzzle games.

It is composed, printed, and produced in Hawaii and is a genuine Hawaii-made picture book.

We hope that children from all over the world will enjoy the picture book filled with “Hawaii Love” between students of public high schools in Hawaii and LeaLea staff Japan.

* Children over 7 years old are eligible.

* Picture books will be written in English.

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My Little Adventure: Cho Younghee (left) and Walker Tiffany (right)

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Weight 210 g (7.41 oz)
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