【Slowtide】Sig Zane Quick Dry Travel Towel


A quick-dry microfiber towel designed by the Hilo based fashion designer, Sig Zane.

In Oahu, he has a shop in Downtown that’s only open on Fridays.

His style of pattern on Aloha wear is unique and stylish, loved by fans from all over the world.

His design for Slowtide is based on the native plants in Hawaii, and they are available in 2 colors: Fern (Green) & Pacific (Blue). Limited quantity available.

5 features of quick dry towels

  1. 4 times more absorbent than regular towels
  2. Twice as quick drying as regular cotton towels
  3. Sand-free function that can brush off sand smoothly
  4. A versatile towel that folds and compacts, so it can be used for travel, hiking, beach and gym.
  5. 100% recycled materials (PET bottles and plastics)

Size: 76.2 x 152.4 cm

Weight: 200g

Additional information

Weight 250 g (8.82 oz)

Fern (Green), Pacific (Blue)