【Coffee Tradition Roasters】100% Kau Coffee (Whole Beans)


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After 21 years as a firefighter in New York, Brian retired and started a coffee roaster business in Hawaii. He worked as a firefighter at various locations, but he always started his day with a cup of coffee in the kitchen with his friends. From the pleasant memories of spending time with his friends, he was inspired by coffee and decided to start roasting.

Roasted in Kailua, Oahu, Tradition Coffee Roasters’ 100% Kau coffee tastes fresh, aromatic and mild.

Kau Coffee is one of the most exquisite coffees in the world and has always been ranked one of the best coffees in the world competition. Kau Coffee is called “Cousin of Kona Coffee” or “Sonoma Valley in Coffee Country”. The Kau district contributes to the strengthening of the specialty coffee movement by continuously improving the quality every year. As one of the few specialty coffee roasters here in Hawaii, coffee is confident in the quality of the roasting process.

When poured this cow coffee, the tempting aroma of brown sugar and ripe fruit, and the sweetness of the nucleated fruit, are said to be close to the nutty taste of macadamia nuts. Please give it a try.

12 ounces = 340g

Bean type.

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