【Tradition Coffee Roasters】Firehouse Blend (Whole Beans)


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After 21 years as a firefighter in New York, Brian retired and started a coffee roaster business in Hawaii. He worked in many firehouses, yet each tour started with a cup of coffee in the kitchen with his coworkers. His fond memories of those moments inspire his to roast delicious coffee!

The Firehouse Blend from Tradition Coffee Roasters is bold, strong, smooth, and balanced.

This popular blend is loved around many firehouse kitchen tables within the States, from New York to Hawaii! This coffee great if you’re on the go, and your schedule for the day is jam-packed.  Amazingly, Tradition Coffee Roasters made sure that this blend will still taste delicious even after your coffee cools down during your busy day.

12 ounces = 340g

Whole Bean type.

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Weight 600 g (21.16 oz)