【Uji, Kyoto Souvenir】Sakura Momiji Senbei


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There are 8 types of delicious arare to enjoy in each packet.

Including flavors such as shrimp, aosa nori (dried sea lettuce), and kombu (kelp).

Inside the box, there’s a small pamphlet featuring a traditional painting depicting a scene from the Tale of Genji. Showing the princess and Genji in their boat ride through Uji River.

Each box includes 12 packets.

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Weight (g): 430 g (15.17 oz) SKU: SBI_TS_RICE_SKRMJ_12 Categories: , ,


Several new senbei products, from various regions in Japan, are now in stock at our LeaLea Market Online Store!

If you’ve been missing Japan lately, these unique and delicious Japanese snacks are finally available to you!

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Weight 430 g (15.17 oz)
Dimensions 28.5 × 19 × 6.3 cm