[Black Friday Beach Goods Set] $30 Set

$69.00 $30.00

LeaLea Market will hold a Black Friday sale for 10 days from November 21 to November 30, Hawaii time!

We will serve all three types of beach goods set at a price of less than half price!

The contents of the beach goods set of $30 are here!

(1) [LeaLea limited] 2L size waterproof dry bag (normal price $12)

(2) goodr sunglasses (normal price: $25-$35)

(3) [LeaLea Limited] Hawaiian Musubi Eco Bag (Normal Price: $7)

(4) [LeaLea limited] waterproof sticker 5 different kinds 5 sheets (normal price 1 sheet $4-$5)

Goodr’s sunglasses themselves will take the original deals beach goods set! In addition, eco-bags that become the shape of spam musubi when folded, dry bags that are perfect for gyms and rain and snowy days, and

It is a set of five water-proof stickers with Hawaii theme that can be pasted anywhere.

※You can not choose the color of the dry bag and the type of goodr sunglasses.




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Weight 800 g (28.22 oz)