Catherine’s Power Stone Pendant Top (Love)


Located in Waikiki, Pure Stone Shop is a power stone store owned by Catherine. Her bracelets are now available at LeaLea Market!

Catherine became popular for her ability to read her clients’ energy, and many people would line up to visit her at her shop up until the pandemic started.

She hand picked the power stone, and made this pendant top.

【Power Stone Type】

  • Inca Rose

A power stone meant to bring in love.

Believed to generate a cycle of love, found in the joy of living, being loved, and loving others.

PENDANT TOP ONLY. CHAIN IS NOT INCLUDED. Made with one type of power stone. Diameter: ~0.6 inch

Comes with a leaflet on the power stone and a small pouch.

※Since these are natural stones, the color and patterns on your stone may look slightly different compared to the stone in our pictures. Please enjoy your one of a kind pendant top!

If you are interested in receiving a reading from Catherine, please book a session HERE.


Weight (g): 200 g (7.05 oz) Categories: ,

Additional information

Weight 200 g (7.05 oz)

S, M, L

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