(From Kailua) 【Tradition Coffee Roasters】10% Kona Coffee Blend (beans)


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After 21 years as a firefighter in New York, Brian retired and started a coffee roaster business in Hawaii. He worked as a firefighter at various locations, but he always started his day with a cup of coffee in the kitchen with his friends. From the pleasant memories of spending time with his friends, he was inspired by coffee and decided to start roasting.

Roasted in Kailua, Oahu, Tradition Coffee Roasters’ 10% Kona coffee blend adds sweetness and richness to the bold Hawaiian flavor.

It’s hard to complement the already robust and earthy favor of Kona coffee, but the added sweetness enjoys the aftertaste of raw honey, graham crackers, and green apples.

The composition and quality of Hawaii’s unique volcanic soil are some of the factors that continue to support the demand and pricing of Kona coffee on the global stage.

12 ounces = 340g

Bean type.

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Weight 600 g (21.16 oz)

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