Hippopotamus Hawaii Exclusive Room Sandals


Hippopotamus was the first brand in the Japanese organic towel market to develop vivid colors (other than white). They are an Imabari-made towel brand.

By developing their blend of 63% organic cotton and 37% bamboo rayon (sustainably recycled bamboo fibers), Hippopotamus towels are more absorbent and display a silk-like sheen.

Their innovative and eco-friendly bamboo rayon, developed from sustainably recycled bamboo fibers, is repeatedly made in 3-year cycles.

Their drainage is disinfected in a waste water treatment for over 5 hours before flowing back to the Seto Inland Sea, so they produce their eco-friendly and sustainable products while being conscientious of issues stemming from water pollution.

In 2022, Hippopotamus made their first debut overseas in Hawaii.

Releasing Hawaii exclusive products with an embroidery illustrating the sun, palm tree, ocean waves, and Diamond Head.

For the Hawaii exclusive room sandals, the tags are different from the tags on their usual sandals.

Available in sizes M and L. The M size is 7~10(women), and L size is 8~10.5 (men).

Their thong-style sandals helps to stabilize every step so you can walk with ease.

Comfortable to wear, especially if you prefer to have your toes be free as you walk around.

Hawaii Exclusive Color Selection: Orange, Blue, Cassis, Navy, Rose, Caribbean Blue, Pistachio, British Shorthair (gray).

Buy $100 Hippopotamas products now and get a limited edition eco-bag!

It is an earth-friendly recycled eco-bag and is not for sale.

Additional information

Weight 200 g (7.05 oz)
Dimensions 30 × 10 cm

Orange, Blue, Cassis, Navy, Rose, Caribbean Blue, Pistachio, British Shorthair (gray)


M, L