Hippopotamas x Kahala Hotel Stuffed Toy (Large)


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Hippopotamus was the first brand in the Japanese organic towel market to develop vivid colors (other than white). They are an Imabari-made towel brand.

By developing their blend of 63% organic cotton and 37% bamboo rayon (sustainably recycled bamboo fibers), Hippopotamus towels are more absorbent and display a silk-like sheen.

Their innovative and eco-friendly bamboo rayon, developed from sustainably recycled bamboo fibers, is repeatedly made in 3-year cycles.

Their drainage is disinfected in a waste water treatment for over 5 hours before flowing back to the Seto Inland Sea, so they produce their eco-friendly and sustainable products while being conscientious of issues stemming from water pollution.

In 2022, Hippopotamus made their first debut overseas in Hawaii.

and collaborating with The Kahala Hotel & Resort, a luxury hotel towering over Oahu’s Kahala neighborhood.

A stuffed Hippotamas toy with a logo was born.

It is Kahala white, matching with the resort’s iconic color scheme.

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Total length 60cm.

Additional information

Weight 1500 g (52.91 oz)
Dimensions 60 cm

Orange, Blue, Cassis, Navy, Rose, Caribbean Blue