Honolulu Cookie Company x Jana Lam Collection (12pc Floral Window Premium)


An assortment of Honolulu Cookie Company cookies inside a floral window box designed by local artist, Jana Lam.

An assortment of 6 flavors, 2 cookies per flavor. Total 12 cookies.

Available for a limited time.
May Contain: Eggs, Wheat, Milk, Soybeans, Nuts

  • Butter Macadamia (2 pieces)
  • Chocolate Chip Macadamia (2 pieces)
  • Pineapple Macadamia (2 pieces)
  • Chocolate Dipped Macadamia (2 pieces)
  • Dark Triple Chocolate Macadamia (2 pieces)
  • White Chocolate Coconut (2 pieces)


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Additional information

Weight 300 g (10.58 oz)
Dimensions 16.19 × 16.19 × 4.44 cm