[Latest design & color in 2021] Luise Ono x LeaLea Hydro Flask Wide Mouth (20oz) Limited Quantity



New collaboration with Luise Ono in 2021!!

The ever popular Hydro Flasks are stylish on its own.
Another limited edition collection from LeaLea is now available!

A collaboration with the artist, Louise Ono, a painter known for her vivid plant motifs throughout Japan, which are also featured on her mural in Kaka’ako.

Our collection features her original, Hawaii edition design of flowers she drew just for us!

Take a look at her beautiful Hawaiian flowers and leaves motifs, as well as “Aloha” and “Hawaii” in calligraphy!

On these bottles, Ono’s illustrations turned into a three-dimensional design with a special UV screen printing.

Our 20oz Hydro Flasks are available in 4 new colors:

Carnation (pink), Clementine (orange), Alpine (lime green), Rain (light blue)

The cap is also new from this year and it is a type that twists to open and close, so it is leak-proof!

It is easy to remove and easy to wash.

Because it is limited in quantity, we recommend ordering as soon as possible.

Hydro flask is two-layer stainless steel water bottle with 24 hours of cooling and 12 hours of thermal insulation.
Powder coating is applied to the surface of the bottle for prevention from slipping from the hand, and the water droplets do not stick to the outside.

Additional information

Weight 600 g (21.16 oz)
Dimensions 7 × 24 cm

carnation, Clementin, alpine, rain

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