[Hawaii Exclusive] Hawaii Hydro Flask 32oz with silicon boot [NEW!]



New Arrival! Hawaii Limited Collection 2019

32oz Hydro Flask w/ Silicon Boot

Hydro Flask’s new Hawaii exclusive collection is here with a new stylish look!

Introducing Hawaii’s very own Limited Edition Collection (Available only in Hawaii)! This collection is simple, yet very vibrant and pleasing to the eye. Each bottle is paired with a silicone Flex Boot which protects your bottle from any fall damage or slippery surfaces. Look closely at  the Flex Boot, you’ll notice the hidden design of the ‘Shaka’ and ‘Hawaiian islands’ engraved making this bottle hit closer to home for us locals! Only available for a limited time…

Additional information

Weight 500 g (17.64 oz)
Dimensions 5.8 × 19.4 cm

Tide, Coral, Canyon, Sea Foam

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