【Nota Bag】2Ways Eco / Tote Bag (2 tones: Olive & Rose)


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An eco-bag and tote bag with a rare shape in Hawaii is newly in stock at LeaLea Market!

The [Nota Bag] brand is a 2-way tote bag designed in Germany and becomes a ricksack that won the Best Design Award in 2016 and the Design Award in 2019!

Since it becomes compact when folded, it is also very active as a bag-in-bag and eco-bag!

Because it can also be a ricksack, both hands can be used freely, and it is perfect for those who commute to work and school by bicycle!

It is also recognized as an ecological bag, where 1% of sales are donated to non-profit organizations of global conservation.

New two-tone color. The strap part is olive color and the bag body is a gentle color combination color of rose pink.

Handmade, made of water-repelling material, and can be washed in a washing machine.

There are also plastic bottle regeneration bags and mini Nota bags.

Size: 45cm x 65cm

Additional information

Weight 150 g (5.29 oz)
Dimensions 45 × 65 cm