【Notabag】 [New! ] U.S. Limited Design] 2Ways Eco / Tote Bag (Forest Flower)


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An eco-bag and tote bag with a rare shape in Hawaii is newly in stock at LeaLea Market!

A 2-way tote bag designed in Germany and also a ricksack that won the Best Design Award in 2016 and the Design Award in 2019 is now available under the [Notabag] brand!

Since it becomes compact when folded, it is also very active as a bag-in-bag and eco-bag!

Because it can also be a ricksack, both hands can be used freely, and it is perfect for those who commute to work and school by bicycle!

It is also recognized as an ecological bag, where 1% of sales are donated to non-profit organizations of global conservation.

This time, Notabag has released a new USA-only design!

The design, which looks as if flowers are blooming in the forest, is the current trend of simple art.

The chic dark green bag is perfect for the coming season.

Handmade, made of water-repelling material, and can be washed in a washing machine.

There are also recycled plastic bottle bags and reflective light bags.

Size: 45cm x 65cm

Additional information

Weight 150 g (5.29 oz)
Dimensions 45 × 65 cm