[LeaLea original] Removable Gold & LineStonre Flip flops Charm



LeaLea Market Originals Limited flip flop charm that can be attached to the strap of the flip flop. The rubber and metal fittings for mounting are attached to the back side of the charm, and the rubber is passed through the nose together, and the rubber is stopped with one touch to the metal fitting hook. It is also possible to easily remove. It can be used not only as sandals, but also as a decoration for sunglasses and bags.

There are four designs: Aloha Pineapple, which is designed with pineapple in Aloha’s gold letters, “Starfish”, which is a starfish charm with sparkly linestones, “Seven series of bijou” with seven series of linestone decorations, and “Bijou plate” with glittering linestones on an oval plate.

The width of the nose of sandals is possible to correspond to the one about 2cm. Add a sparkling charm and arrange it in cute bijou flip flops.



Additional information

Weight 11 g (0.39 oz)
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 cm