Foldable Silicone Water Cup


At the LeaLea Market Originals Sheraton Waikiki store, a water refill station has now been installed.

If you bring your own bottle, you can drink cold water for free.

Of course, hydroflasks and water bottles are also on sale, so you can purchase them and take them home with water.

This is a silicone foldable water cup.

With a convenient lid, it can be folded compactly when not drinking and used as a makeup pouch or toothbrush set.

You can also keep it in your bag as your own cup wherever you go.

It is also useful when running, hiking or camping.

It seems that it can be used as a water cup when walking dogs and pets!

It supports temperatures from -50 to 200 degrees, so you can put hot drinks in it.

* Since it is made of silicone, please be careful when holding the cup when putting hot drinks.

There are 4 colors: light blue, purple, green, and gray.

Save even more with a set of 4! Dishwasher compatible
Height when stretched wide: 8.5 cm, diameter 9 cm, capacity 270 ml

Weight (g): 50 g (1.76 oz) SKU: N/A Category:

Additional information

Weight 50 g (1.76 oz)
Dimensions 8.5 × 9 cm
Colors, Purple, Green, Gray