New Design! Pasifika Cool Surfer Towel by Shar Tuiasoa (AKA Punky Aloha)


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Surfer towels were developed by surfers from North Shore, Oahu.

Now, surfer towels designed by Shar Tuiasoa, AKA Punky Aloha, are here!

Based in Kailua, she has collaborated with big names (such as Apple, Disney, Sephora, etc.), and if you haven’t seen her illustrations from there, you definitely have in Hawaii (e.g. Manoa Chocolate!)

Double sided, the front shows her illustration of local women looking fly amongst Hawaii’s natural beauty. The back is inspired by the pattern on the Tapa cloth her grandmother made while living in Tonga.

Not only is this great as a beach towel. It’s also perfect as a beach or yoga mat!

Since they are made out of quick drying material, they’re convenient for travels.


This surfer towel is creatively designed by Christie Shinn who is an artist based in North Shore. An incredible artist who has collaborated with LeSportsac and VANS. This Hula Doll Surfer Towel is full of fun things of Hawaii and it is reversible, ideal for being used at the beach, for picnics or even a workout. because of the lightweight material, this towel is perfect for people who are always on the go!


– Double sided print

– Super compact – Folds out to an oversize beach towel (30×70″)

– Absorbs 3 mugs of water

– Fastest drying towel on the market (We’ve tested them all)

– Won’t collect sand – Even when wet!

– Fits over a standard yoga mat

– Naturally mildew resistant – No more drying off with a stinky towel!

– Ultra soft

– Drying loop for easy hanging

– Created with environmentally responsible manufacturing practices

– No-shed fibers

– Independently tested to contain no toxic inks, dyes or materials


Additional information

Weight 400 g (14.11 oz)
Dimensions 117.8 × 76.2 cm

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