[NEW!] goodr sunglasses Circle Gs (Insert Coin to Continue)


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Goodr is a Los-Angeles based sunglasses brand.  Their special grip coating on their frames are perfect for sports and outdoor activities.

And now their new collection of stylish, round frame sunglasses, the Circle G’s, are available here!

Weighing only 19g, they are ultra lightweight and the frames are slimmer than the regular goodr sunglasses.

While almost all of goodr sunglasses are worn outdoors, this pair is great for indoor wear!

They can block blue light from your computer or phone screens.

Each pair comes in a microfiber pouch, which can also be used to wipe the lenses, all packed inside a goodr box, ready to be delivered to you!

※UV400、not made with polarized lenses.

Additional information

Weight 180 g (6.35 oz)

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