(the operating procedure for your question below)

  1. On the “PRODUCT PAGE”, click “ADD TO CART” and add the product you would like to purchase in the cart.
  2. If you are purchasing more than one product, please follow #1 (above) for each product
  3. Click “CART” at the top right corner of your screen and check the contents inside the cart.
  4. When you confirmed with the products you will be purchasing, please check the product, amount, quantity and etc. to make sure everything is correct. Then click “PAY”.
  5. To check the shipping cost click “CALCULATE SHIPPING COST” and enter your country and postal code. Enter your credit card information, billing address, shipping address (IF DIFFERENT FROM BILLING ADDRESS) and click “ORDER” when finished. Now your order is complete.
  6. For customers who will be visiting Hawaii, there is also a pick-up option. Within 60 days of purchase, your items will be placed on hold at LEALEA MARKET ORIGINALS on 1F in sheraton Waikiki hotel.
Category: 2. HOW TO ORDER