Shop NameLealea Market
Company NameHawaii H.I.S. Corporation
PresidentTomohiro Murakami
Address2250 Kalakaua Avenue, Suite 406
Honolulu, HI 96815
PriceAll products sold at Lealea Market Originals are in US currency. The product price is displayed on each product screen. Product prices are displayed in foreign taxes (if products are being sent to japan taxes do not apply).
Payment Methodall payments can only be processed through credit cards .
Product Perchase Methodadd the products you want to purchased inside “CART” proceeding to purchase and pay with credit care.
Costs other than product charges A separate shipping fee will be added to the purchase price. Since the shipping cost will vary depending on the product, please refer to description of shipping in the SHOPPING GUIDE
Exchange/Cancel Policy1. Return or cancellation due to damage, defects, etc. of the product
We will replace the damage or defects of the purchased products with a replacement. The postage etc. for the exchange are free of charge. Please note that it may take a little bit of a day. In addition, approve it because I may cancel it when there is no stock. In this case, we will refund 100% including the postage. Regarding damage or defects, please contact us by e-mail within 7 days after the arrival of the product.
2. Return or cancellation at your convenience
Returns and cancellations due to customer convenience other than the above are as follows. Please contact us by e-mail to the above “Inquiry” to contact us for cancellation or return;
(1) Before shipment of goods at our company;
If the product was shipped by us at the time of the cancellation, we will accept the cancellation and refund the purchase price to your credit card in full.
(2) After shipping the product (if it has already been shipped when you contact us to cancel); The shipping cost to the return is in doubt, but please bear it by the customer. We will refund the product price minus the shipping cost to your credit card with our arrival.
(3) Return or cancellation after arrival of the product;
We will refund the amount of the postage deducted only if you contact us within 7 days after the arrival of the product and send it back (shipping). In addition, please bear the postage etc. which take the return by the visitor.
Cooling Off1. About Cooling Off
Cooling off as stipulated in the Specified Commercial Transactions Act is not a service that applies.