Hydroflask 12oz Cooler Cup


Made by the every popular Hydro Flask brand.
The cooler cup can also be used as a regular mug, and it is palm-sized with 350ml of aluminum canned drinks and bottled drinks.

New colors will appear in the spring of 2024!

The silicon cap is scratch-proof and anti-slip if it is attached to the bottom of the cooler cup.

It is excellent that it can be kept cold and kept warm if it is fixed by attaching it from the top after the drink of the aluminum can and the bottle is put in.

The structure of the cooler cup is the same as the conventional hydroflask, because of the thermal insulation structure of two layers,

Not only to use as a drink holder, also a big success as a normal mug!

12oz is about 354ml, so GOOD for everyday use. If you wear silicone boots, it will not slip around the desk.

It seems to be active in the coming outdoor season!


Additional information

Weight 300 g (10.58 oz)
Dimensions 7 × 11.55 cm

Cascade (Blue), Trillium (Pink)

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